Llovall As Grease Lightning 


d.o.b  6-4-2001

Sire: Beach Boy At O'Shelly Bay Dam: Llasara Ain't She Sweet

Olivia and Jonno Ain't we sweet

Jonno growing up

Jonno at his first big show at just 6 month old

10 Month

Jonno at Windsor 2002 ** 14 1/2 month

In January 2002 we made one of the toughest decission we ever had to make. Tykie and Jonno went to together to live with their new owners. Not the best decisssion for our selves but certainly for them. They now are two special dogs and couldn't have a better home. I suppose I could call them spoiled brats now :-) We miss them a lot but I have a feeling they won't miss us <smile>


Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree of Llovall As Grease Lightning
BreederJane Kabel
OwnerJane Kabel
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Beach Boy At O'Shelly BayShelly Bay Little HerculesAm. Ch. Holyrood Here Comes The SonAm. Ch. Glenfinnans Something Dandy
Am. Ch. Holyrood's Liza With A Z
Am. Ch. Holyrood Ha'Penny At O'Shelly BayAm. Ch. Glenfinnans Something Dandy
Am. Ch. Holyrood's Mrs Mayhem
Am. Ch. Bearland Popsicle ToesAm. Ch. Holyrood's Hotspur At O'Shelly bayAm. Ch. Holyrood Here Comes The Son
Am. Ch. Holyrood's Mrs Mayhem
Bearland One Two Two AbbeyAm. Ch. Glengloamin's Cadence
Bearlands Wee Bonnie Brae
Llasara Ain't She SweetInt. Ch. Wesscots Knight F' DancinWesscots Royale MaleGer. Ch. Ashgate Lenzie
Wesscots Liberty
Chelsea Girl Of LeastarFarranmore Roberto
Snow Queen Lucy
Llasara Livin' DollCh. Lasara Love-AllCh. Midshipman Of Haweswalton
Lasara Lucky Lot
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-WhiteGer. Ch. Whitetop Juanito
Dutch Ch Llasara Ayla


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