Llovall Lady Sings The Blues  *Chelsey*

 For puppy photos of Chelsey look here  and the litter album on Carly's page


Chelsey and her half brother Satchmo on the day she won the Res CC and he won a big Post Grad Dog Class .
She had a break after she was only shown twice as a puppy but won first time out this year . She is growing into a very lovely girl . Chelsey talks a lot at home :-)

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Pedigree Of Llovall Lady Sings The Blues
Jane Kabel
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Nederland Champion Llovall Leader Of The PackChampion Kimgarwyn AlcoKimgarwyn ApolloCh. Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (Imp)It Ch. Wikeland Connor
Ch. Ashgate Sonsie
Kimgarwyn Lucky CharmCh. Kimgarwyn Cagney
Lasara Latest Ambition
Lasara Look At MeCh. Krisma StreetwiseCh. Wesscots One Knight Stand
Krisma Keynote at Olac
CH Lasara Love Me TooLasara Lovers Leap
CH Lasara Lazy Days
Llovall Luck Be LadyCh. Krisma StreetwiseCh. Wesscots One Knight StandWesscots Knight Ayr
Wesscots Honeymoon
Krisma Keynote at OlacCh. Olac Moonpilot
Ch. Lasara Hell Of A Girl
Llovall All Of MeInnesfree's Heart On FireAm. Ch. Holyrood's Heart Throb
Innesfree's Old Flame
Llasara Lady-In-WaitingInt. Ch. Smash Happy Hitchiker
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-White
Davot Carry On LlovallChampion Markstown Mr HavasuCharosmack Christmas CrakerCh. and Am Ch Charosmack Clog DancerLlasara All Rite at Charosmack
Olton Aye Clear Day at Charosmack
Ch. Olton Aye Cloudy Day at CharosmackCh. Kimgarwyn Cagney
Olton Aye Foggy day
Fireside LassKergillack Konman at CrevamoyCH Ch Ashgate Scotch Bard
Norjons Deeza
Little Gem Of LyleZandawn Mgivor
Lady Of The North
Davot Chill OutTrewen Regal GuardianCh. Trewen Tartan WarriorCan. Ch. Trewen Discovery
Gilbri Morag
Trewen First EditionCh. Ashgate Sinclair
Peter Starlet of Trewen
Davot Check MeoverCh. and Am Ch Charosmack Clog DancerLlasara All Rite at Charosmack
Olton Aye Clear Day at Charosmack
Pallubriken Chime of Freedom Via DavotCh. Vallange Victorious
Davot Choice Lace At Palubriken
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