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Peggy did very well at her first shows. Under Mrs M Purchon (Lindenka( she won second in minor puppy bitch
Will put the write up here soon. At the
Northern Open Show she won her class and Reserve Best Puppy In Show(Click on the show for more)

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Champion Krisma JammydodgerChampion Hopecharm Willie Makeit for KaramyndCh. Rotella The Fezzant PluckaCh. Glenoostie Magician of RotellaCh. Cregneash Candytuft of Rotella
Glenoostie Wee Jessica
Rotella Scarlet HarlotCh. Hazlan Silver Knight of Sarmac
Hemishor Cola Starlet of Rotella
Rotella Lovyootoo HopecharmJW Hopecharm Full of FireCh. Ashgate Sinclair
Hopecharm Full of Promise
Rotella Who Lovsya BabyCh. Rotella The Fezzant Plucka
Rotella Right of Reply
Krisma Telling TalesCh. Barwest Bee-HavingCh. Krisma City SlickerWesscots Knight Challenge
Krisma Keynote at Olac
Barwest Between FriendsForeston Pimpernel
Ch. Brierlow Be Lucky At Barwest
Krisma Sloane RangerCh. Wesscots One Knight StandWesscots Knight Ayr
Wesscots Honeymoon
Krisma Keynote at OlacCh. Olac Moonpilot
Ch. Lasara Hell Of A Girl
Llovall Lovin FeelingLlasara LaserlightLeonhards Justin ThymeGer. Ch. Leonhards TomkinInt. Ch. Wesscots Knight F' Dancin
Nat'l. Ch. Sonderdalen's Jessica
Ger. Ch. Wesscots Moet D'ChandonNat'l. Ch. Wesscots Knight 'F Lovin
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
Llasara Lady-In-WaitingInt. Ch. Smash Happy HitchikerNat'l. Ch. Birkfell Snow Warning
Smash Honey Pie
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-WhiteGer. Ch. Whitetop Juanito
Dutch Ch Llasara Ayla
Llovall All My LovinBeach Boy At O'Shelly BayShelly Bay Little HerculesAm. Ch. Holyrood Here Comes The Son
Am. Ch. Holyrood Ha'Penny At O'Shelly Bay
Am. Ch. Bearland Popsicle ToesAm. Ch. Holyrood's Hotspur At O'Shelly bay
Bearland One Two Two Abbey
Llasara Ain't She SweetInt. Ch. Wesscots Knight F' DancinWesscots Royale Male
Chelsea Girl Of Leastar
Llasara Livin' DollCh. Lasara Love-All
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-White
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