AM Ch !!Llovall License To Thrill aka Tony . Named after Tony from West Side Story but often called Tone The Bone. Don't ask me why <G>.He insist on having his own page too. Can't blame him really. He is a son of Tykie ,Tinker's sister. He has done us proud in the show ring so far. For more just click on him. BTW he is under firm  control in life of his sister Lexi

Check out his wins by clicking on his photo. He has done us proud.
Tony and Arty decided they didn't like each other any more and Tony packed his bags and moved to Florida to live with the Snowbanks.
Check his page for updates
News Splash !!.Tony became an Am Ch.Easter weekend


Llovall Leader Of The Pack *Junior *
Click on his photos for more

Junior is growing up, second photo taken on Nov '07
He just saw our neighbours c*t when Ida took this photo 
We are very pleased with his first litter
BUT Junior is going to live with the
Rustically's in Holland very soon
We sure will miss him but know he will enjoy himself
and do his bit. Good luck Ine.Have fun with him


Today , Nov. 1th '08 Junior became a Dutch Champion. Well done Ine and JJ.
We are over the moon


Llovall Anything Goes aka Polly
Polly  made her presence felt  as a youngster  at the couples of shows she attended. She very easily whelped  a lovely litter of 4 girls. WOW
Click on her photo for more
Polly heard how great Junior's life is now that she wanted to go and live there too


New Uk Ch Llovall As Mama Said *Stitch*
Stitch now belongs to the Jennings (Comdale). We miss her a lot and it is because we think she is special that we let her go. Hopefully she will be shown a lot more than she would be with us.She loves strutting her stuff and showing her self of. She won Junior bitch at her second show ,this time shown by Steve. Good luck Stitch, Denise and Steve.
Stop the Presses: Stitch gained her title at Birmingham after gaining her 2nd CC at The WHWTC of England Ch Show 2011


Llovall A Fine Romance * Ella *
Ella has done well at her firsts shows, she is Peggy's lovely daughter. Click on her photo for more. Her and Satchmo's album are on Satchmo's page. Ella is staying with the Rustically's and Junior and Polly for a while BUT will be back :-).
Update : Ella is hopefully having a litter of pups in Holland and due to return at the end of this year. She did very well at the few shows she went to and we are looking forward to her return.
 There has been a change of plan and Ella is now staying at Rustically. She liked it too much there ! At the moment she is nursing a lovely litter of pups.
We are looking forward   to seeing them grow up and Ella strutting her stuff in the rings in Holland
We  are sure Ine will achieve a lot more with her than we will. Good luck Ine and Ella, we won't forget you Ella, luckily we have your brother Satchmo to make up for you not being here.


Llovall Artful Dodger aka Arty 
Arty is now retired The love of his life is his sister's daughter Peggy
He thinks he rules the roost here but we know he doesn't.
Arty is not available at stud anymore due to a little operation he had :-)
**Arty now lives with Peggy in the best home ever. They are loved and are so spoilt now . Thank you Graham and Sheila

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