Llovall Leader Of The Pack  *Junior*

Junior at 3 months


We need to get a more adult photo of Junior soon.
He was shown at Paignton and got 2nd in Junior.
The judge Mrs Zina Thorn-Andrews wrote the following about him :
Kabel's Lllovall Leader Of The Pack Bigger boy and his muscle tone had to be felt to be believed, I admired his terrific condition, well put together, stunning outline, good masculin head & expression. Could have handled better on the table but his tail was up on the move ok


Junior is growing up, photos taken on Nov '07
He just saw our neighbours c*t when Ida took the photo above 
We are very pleased with his first litter
Look at the photos below and check out Peggy's page
for their album
BUT Junior is going to live with the
Rustically's in Holland very soon
We sure will miss him but know he will enjoy himself
and do his bit. Good luck Ine. Have fun with him


On Jan 5th '08 Junior wins Cac and Cacib in Hollland at his first show
We are so pleased. Well done Ine and Junior

Junior and Peggy gave us a lovely litter in august '07

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Below some more photos taken of Satchmo and Ella on January the 5th 2008

Satchmo12WebSite Satchmo2Website
Ella29WebSite Ella33WebSite
Junior  and his new owners 

Ine, Gerard and Tess Krabbe * Rustically*

went to the weekend at Egmond aan Zee

organised by the WHWTC Ned

A great time was had by all, specially Junior
Junior is now a Dutch Champion

Well done Ine and JJ
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