Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-White aka COCO

Coco is a very special lady. A Once-In-A-Lifetime Girl . She did us very proud in the showring (6CAC's) and excelled in the whelping box.What a mum. Now she is the Rules the Roost together with her mother Ayla (Dutch Ch Llasara Ayla)

Sadly we had to say good bye to Coco  on the 11 th of  july 2002  

COCO won best veteran bitch under Mrs Sue Hawes at the WHWTC of Eng.Ch.Show (22-4-2000). I was very proud of her as she also took part in the Champions parade loving every minute of it. Sue Hawes wrote about her the following :                          Kabel's Dutch Champion Llasara Lady-in-White ,lovely lady of 9 years & in perfect order I commend the owners of these veterans,this one  I understand has come through quarantine some time ago & to bring her out in such fine condition reflects the time & work involved as she gaited round the ring,she was in perfect harmony with her handler & loving every minute ,pleasure to judge and another worthy champion

Abbey aka Llasara And So On is the spitting image of her mum Coco.She and Vicky are convinced they are sisters  It is interesting to see their likeness but also their difference Click on photo for more

Abbey literary followed her mothers footsteps and we had to say good bye to her too on 17-7-2002

Losing 3 special girls so soon after each other is a lot to take in

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree of Dutch Champion Llasara Lady-In-White
BreederMiss J.L. Kabel
OwnerMiss J.L. Kabel
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Ger. Ch. Whitetop JuanitoCh. Highstile PaladinCh. Domaroy SaracenCh. Tasman March of TimeCh. Highstile Prank
Pillerton Pollyann
Ch. Domaroy Erisort SerenadeInt. Ch. Hightstile Pirate
Erisort Domaroy Debutante
Highstile Party MannersCh. Birkfell Sea SquallCh. Quakertown Quandary
Birkfell Sea Fury
Highstile PennywiseCh. Checkbar Finlay MacDougal
Highstile Puffin
Hunting Stewart AnnaNat'l. Ch. Westie White VerusInt. Ch. Purston PlaymateCh. Pillerton Peterman
Birkfell Screech Owl
Int. Ch. Donesbill Ding-A-LingPillerton Perry
Purston Promise
Clamur HoneyClantartan Circus ClownRotella Ringmaster
Charmaine of Clantartan
Keltie Snow StormClantartan Carnog Crest
Shady Sheila
Dutch Ch Llasara AylaInt. Ch. Smash I-Am-SparklingLasara LightfeetCh. Lasara Lots Of FunLasara Lincoln
Famecheck Corinne of Lasara
Lasara LuvPillerton Perry
Lasara Lief
Nat'l. Ch. Playing The Chorus GirlNat'l. Ch. Tweed Thistle BagpiperCh. Birkfell Sea Squall
Ch. Birkfell Soliloquy
Incheril I've ArrivedCh. Checkbar Finlay MacDougal
Incheril Isadora
Lasara LoversdreamCh. Lasara Love-AllCh. Midshipman Of HaweswaltonCh. Haweswalton Houdini
White Misty Of Kenstaff
Lasara Lucky LotLasara Loyal
Ch. Lasara Like-A-Lot
Birkfell SunbrightCh. Lasara Lots Of FunLasara Lincoln
Famecheck Corinne of Lasara
Birkfell So SimpleCh. Birkfell Sea Squall
Ch. Birkfell Soliloquy


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