19-1-1998 = ..-9-2011

Ernie is a slow maturing dog . He has a very strong and powerfull head and lovely shoulders giving him a great outline.His pedigree is very interesting and carries some famous well producing bloodlines. He qualified for crufts but isn't very likely to ever be there as we don't like showing at crufts

Ernie is maturing nicely now and hopes to attend more shows in the future

Ernie at The Club Championship Show 2001

Ernie at National Terrier 2001

Judge Mrs Doreen Lancasters write up on Ernie when he won second in Limit at the clubshow : No2 Kabel and Bouwhuis Llasara Laserlight,sound little dog,good in all departments,well presented,enjoyed his day out & it showed


Ernie got involved with fatherhood rather late in his life. But he sure made up for his late start and produced some lovely pups

On 21 th of feb 2002 Lucy, Llovall All My Lovin and Ernie had 3 lovely pups. In honour of our friend Ruth Stewart , we called the pups Ruthie, Stew and Arty. Ruth was a great help with returning Ernie to us but sadly died unexpetedly a week before they were born

Hopefully they will fullfill their early promise and soon have a page of their own

At the photographer on August the 18 th

And on December the 8 th


** Sometimes our hope and dreams just don't work out due to matters out of our control. Ernie is now retired and lives the life of the gentle gentleman he is with his new owners He sure has landed on his feet and left his mark with us through his two kids Ruthie and Arty

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree of Llasara Laserlight
BreederMiss J.L. Kabel
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Leonhards Justin ThymeGer. Ch. Leonhards TomkinInt. Ch. Wesscots Knight F' DancinWesscots Royale MaleGer. Ch. Ashgate Lenzie
Wesscots Liberty
Chelsea Girl Of LeastarFarranmore Roberto
Snow Queen Lucy
Nat'l. Ch. Sonderdalen's JessicaInt. Ch. Smash I-Am-SparklingLasara Lightfeet
Nat'l. Ch. Playing The Chorus Girl
Nat'l. Ch. Sonderdalen's JackielinaLasara Loves Fun
Nat'l. Ch. Whiteclover Sandy
Ger. Ch. Wesscots Moet D'ChandonNat'l. Ch. Wesscots Knight 'F LovinCan. Ch. Trewen DiscoveryAm. Ch. Ashgate Alistair of Trewen
Peter Starlet of Trewen
Wesscots LibertyCh. Clan Crinan
Mulroy Magic Moments of Wesscots
Ashgate Braw Bricht LassCh. Olac MoonpilotOlac Moonmaverick
Olac Wintermoon
Ch. Ashgate SheigraCh. Ashgate Culnacraig
Ch. Ashgate Skara
Llasara Lady-In-WaitingInt. Ch. Smash Happy HitchikerNat'l. Ch. Birkfell Snow WarningCh. Birkfell Strolling PLayerCh. Birkfell Student Prince
Birkfell Strange Music
Birkfell SpindriftCh. Pepabby Poacher
Ch. Birkfell Spinning Jenny
Smash Honey PieNat'l. Ch. Lasara Looks-A-SmashCh. Lasara Love-All
Luv 'N Fun at Lasara
Smash Hole In OneInt. Ch. Smash I-Am-Sparkling
Smash Lady Suzan
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-WhiteGer. Ch. Whitetop JuanitoCh. Highstile PaladinCh. Domaroy Saracen
Highstile Party Manners
Hunting Stewart AnnaNat'l. Ch. Westie White Verus
Clamur Honey
Dutch Ch Llasara AylaInt. Ch. Smash I-Am-SparklingLasara Lightfeet
Nat'l. Ch. Playing The Chorus Girl
Lasara LoversdreamCh. Lasara Love-All
Birkfell Sunbright


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