Llasara Ain't She Sweet aka Vicky d.o.b 19-7-1996 Winner of one CAC before her move to England

Vicky in Holland

Llasara Ain't She Sweet aka Vicky. Grandaughter of Coco and Mitch and sired by Multi Ch Wesscots Knight F' Dancing.We think she is a very good representative of the  breed.Highlight was winning best bitch(CAC) at the Terrier Show in Holland under Miss.S.Cleland of Birkfell fame.

Vicky is retired now and does not show her age at all
She is very special and does rule the clan.
The girl I thought would be with us for ever is not with us anymore. Terribly missed but so many great memories. Such a strong girl, so special. Will never be forgotten
22-8-2011 RIP Vicky

   Coco and Ginny, Coco is the dam of Abbey and Ginny. Ginny is the dam of Vicky

Vicky had 3 lovely pups to BB on the 5th of march 2000

           Oliver aka Llovall Starry Knight              Winning at his first show in the USA Handler Hans Kabel Owner Mr and Mrs Chronister

Lucy  at the clubshow

Lucy aka LLovall All My Lovin  for more pix look at their sire's page(BB)

Lucy  has grown up now and has got a litter her self of 3 pups (2-1) dob: 21-2-2002  Sire is Ernie

Click here for more photo's of these lovely 3 pups

Vicky had another litter to Beach Boy dob 6-4-2001. So far Olivia and Jonno are just two fat contented little pups :-)

Growing up fast .Here with   Maggie and Kinsey,Abbey's two

Jonno growing up into a handsome fella

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree of Llasara Ain't She Sweet
BreederJane Kabel
OwnerJane Kabel
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Int. Ch. Wesscots Knight F' DancinWesscots Royale MaleGer. Ch. Ashgate LenzieCh. Ashgate LeckyCh. Ashgate Achnasheen
Ch. Ashgate Sheigra
Ch. Ashgate DonnaErisort Senator of Ashgate
Ch. Ashgate Ailsa Craig
Wesscots LibertyCh. Clan CrinanMorenish Just Williiam
Crinan Celtic Ayre
Mulroy Magic Moments of WesscotsCh. Haweswalton Mr Volvo
Sarmac Silver Maid
Chelsea Girl Of LeastarFarranmore RobertoCh. Newtonglen MacintoshCh. Glengordon Finearte Prince of Peace
Newtonglen Lorna
Wendy Of FarranmoreCh. Rhianfa Take Notice
Gaywyn Hazel
Snow Queen LucyAm. Ch. Exultation Of TasmanCh. Domaroy Saracen
Arnholme Animation
Keithall White HeatherUnknown
Llasara Livin' DollCh. Lasara Love-AllCh. Midshipman Of HaweswaltonCh. Haweswalton HoudiniCh. Cedarfell Merry-N-Bright
Haweswalton Veiled Venus
White Misty Of KenstaffJustrite Jonboy
Sursumcorda Saraba
Lasara Lucky LotLasara LoyalLasara Laird
Lasara Lucy
Ch. Lasara Like-A-LotCh. Lasara Lots Of Fun
Ch. Famecheck Holy Orders
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-WhiteGer. Ch. Whitetop JuanitoCh. Highstile PaladinCh. Domaroy Saracen
Highstile Party Manners
Hunting Stewart AnnaNat'l. Ch. Westie White Verus
Clamur Honey
Dutch Ch Llasara AylaInt. Ch. Smash I-Am-SparklingLasara Lightfeet
Nat'l. Ch. Playing The Chorus Girl
Lasara LoversdreamCh. Lasara Love-All
Birkfell Sunbright


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