Three Counties Ch Show 2004

Judge Jane Kabel All photo's copy-right

Ida Bouwhuis
Best dog02

Firstly I would like to thank the exhibitors for the lovely entry of well presented Westies they gave me.
Some general observations I made on the day was that there are some Westies shown with far too much weight on their shoulders and bodies that begin to resemble the body of a Scottie. I know how easily these "features" creep into a breed so please be aware as it really isn't correct according to the standard. I know we all interpret the standard differently and some differences are acceptable but no extremes should be tolerated.Some had round and full eyes which certainly spoil the expression that the standard asks for. Some lovely shaped heads with great expressions but there was a tendency for smaller heads. When in balance with the rest of the dog it is of course ok but it is an issue we need to watch.
A personal dislike of mine are ears that aren't carried well. The advice I would like to give is to try to make the dog use their ears as it really improves the expression.

Minor Puppy Dog (4,1abs)
1st: : SQUIRE'S KIMGARWYN ALCO Smart well grown youngster with lovely head and expression Good coat for his age. A real showman who moved well Very well constructed ,nice quarters, good tail set
2nd: : BARTLETT'S DWILENCIA LOVE AFFAIR Another well grown attractive dog pup. Very strong head. Strong quarters Would prefer a little bit less weight on him. Not a lot between him and the winner
3rd: : ABBEY'S CLANESTAR CLOCKING OFF AT KRISTAJEN Less mature and just wouldn't settle. I guess he needs a lot of time



Puppy Dog (6,2abs)
1st: : JENNINGS' COMDALE ACTION MAN Very mature well grown dog pup. Excellent show man. Good in neck and shoulder. Lovely head and very nice expression. Outstanding coat for one so young, hard and white and straight
2nd: : MINETT'S DUSKHUNTER MILLIONHEIR Another promising dog pup. Liked his size. Moved and showed well. Well shaped head . Not quite as short backed and finished as the winner



Junior Dog (1)
Dog that impressed me a lot . So very nice to go over. Moves very well. Can't fault his shoulder and front. Lovely outline. Excellent coat. Well shaped head. In the line up of unbeaten dogs he still showed his age which I consider to be a good thing

Post Graduate Dog (10,1 abs)
1st: : CORRI'S INVERGLEN CELTIC RAIDER Nice dog with lovely outline. Correct shoulders and front. Masculine, strong head. Good coat, white and straight. Best mover in this class
2nd: : MAGRI'S DWILENCIA DREAM LOVER OF ROZAMIE JW Compact dog with well shaped head Not quite so good in shoulder and front movement Lovely white coat 



Limit Dog (9 1abs)
1st: : THOMSON'S ASHGATE SCOT'S PROGRESS Very showy compact and attractive dog with excellent coat Well shaped head with very good expression, well placed ears Excellent hard white coat. To be critical I felt he was carrying far too much weight
2nd: : ATKINS' ABERCROFT AKIRA Another dog that could lose some weight in my opinion Moved well but I feel with less weight and more furnishing he would look better Strong head
3rd: : DINGLEY'S DAVOT CHIVALROUS CHAP JW Beautiful presented dog with a lovely coat and very strong head Excellent shoulders and front. Well angulated hind quarters but he wasn't settled on the move and didn't move correctly behind





Open Dog (5)
1st: + Dog CC BRITTEN'S CH KRISMA JAMMYDODGER Very smart dog who presents a very attractive picture. Good showman who makes the most of himself Excels in shoulder and front. Lovely outline with a short strong back and good tail set. Strong head and good coat. He moved and showed very well His condition was just right coat wise, weight wise, body wise and well muscled I felt no hesitation to reward him the CC
2nd: + Res. CC BURNS' CH BURNEZE CHATTER BOX Very smart looking dog who moved and showed well Very nice outline . Good shoulders and well angulated hind quarters Just not the body condition he needs to look his best
3rd: CORRI'S BIRKFELL SPARKLE BY INVERGLEN Compact dog, lovely to go over .Not quite so mature as the two previous winners. Moved very well. Good head and expression Very hard coat which at the moment is his down fall, but I am sure with time his day will come


OpenDogNo2Res CC

SomeUnbeaten dogs02

ActionManand Alco

Minor Puppy Bitch (8,3abs))
1st: + Best Puppy FOSTER'S THOZOW BIT OF TROUBLE Lovely compact puppy with a such a good coat for her age Very well constructed , good shoulders and front and strong quarters, lovely out line.Moved well Excellent head with a lovely expression, neat ears which she uses well She keeps an eye on everything going on around her and is very alert Just like a Westie should be. Little bit wary at times but she over came that very well
2nd: : SIZMORE'S LAMSMORE MISS BRIDE Bigger puppy but very well put together and with an attractive head Moved very well Very nice coat coming through
3rd: : LANCASTER'S CLANESTAR CLOUDANCER Attractive puppy with very nice expression, moved well Not quite the coat of the winners


Puppy Bitch (5)
1st: : GRAHAM'S LASARA LIBRA Taller and elegant bitch with lovely out line She has one of the strongest hindquarters. Moved and showed well Excellent coat
2nd: : MINETT'S DUSKHUNTER MILLION T ONE Nicely shaped attractive bitch. Moved and showed very well Not quite the coat structure of the winner 
3rd: : GRAY'S WINOSKI MIDSUMMER MELODY AT FLASSENDALE Nice type of bitch that moves and shows well Good head with lovely eyes Needs a bit more coat at the moment


Junior Bitch (11. 1abs) What a lovely class I loved these three bitches and I am sure they could change places on another day All three were very well constructed. All had good shoulders, level top lines and strong back ends
1st: : DUNNE'S CHAROSMACK COOL SECRET She looked the best on the day. Lovely coat condition, which is white and hard Nice strong head. Moved and showed very well for one so young. Very confident
2nd: : SQUIRE'S KIMGARWYN LITTLE MO Just my cup of tea she is. Nice shape with , Pretty head with well placed ears. Lovely expression. Just missed out for first place on condition
3rd: : DAVIS' ASHGATE AMARYLLIS Very nice bitch just would like to see more body coat on her. Liked her a lot



Post Graduate Bitch (13, 3 abs) Three nice bitches of similar type
1st: : WHARMBY'S LASARA LOOK AT HER  She was the one I definitely wanted to take home. Such a lovely type. Compact and well constructed Correct in neck and shoulders going into level back Strong hindquarters. Certainly the best head on the day, strong with the distinct stop as required according to the standard. Expressive eyes and neat well carried ears To me she fits the standard so well I considered her for top honours but felt in the final line up of unbeaten bitches she wasn't quite as mature as the winners
2nd: : FRYER'S HOPECHARM GIRL HONA MISSION Another nice one that I really liked Was very impressed with her shape Moved and showed very well Excellent coat would perhaps prefer a bit less weight on her
3rd: : LANCASTER'S CLANESTAR CINNAMON JW She also is a very nice type of bitch very similar to the two in front of her Excellent coat. Lovely head and expression and very strong hind quarters Not so good in shoulders and front movement as the winners



Limit Bitch (12, 2 abs) The best class on the day Could have done with more cards
1st + Res CC : BRITTEN'S RAGUS WINTER MORNING AT KRISMA  Lovely bitch that fits the standard very well Nothing over done everything in the right place Well proportioned, correct neck going into compact strong body Strong hindquarters Moved and showed well and in good coat condition I liked her a lot
2nd: : SMITH'S BURNEZE JUST ANNY LUSION AT LORBRI Another very nice bitch, moving and showing very well She really pulls out all the stops Not so compact as the winner and I feel she would benefit from some more coat on her hind quarters. Lots to like about her
3rd: : BACON'S CABON SEA SONG Excellent type of bitch, one I would call an honest bitch Very well constructed and she moved and showed well Strong head, good coat of which she needs to grow some more



Open Bitch 9 , 4 abs)
Well what can I say except she is the ultimate show girl but also very sound She never put a foot wrong and moved so effortlessly, she never falters.Strong head which she carries very well Excels in neck and shoulders, I like the way she stands on her fore hand Strong level back and very well developed hindquarters Well set tail which some would say could be a bit shorter but it is in balance with the rest of her. She demands of you to take notice of her all the time and is full of her self importance .Presented in absolute top condition, coat and body wise Her attitude made her also demands to win BOB
2nd: : ABBEY'S CH ASHGATE SAUCHER AT KRISTAJEN Attractive bitch with strong head who really pulled out al her stops on the day Presented in very good coat condition Not quite so good in the forehand as the winner
3rd: : BURNS' IR CH BURNEZE MISTLETOE MAGIC Very showy pretty bitch which to me on the day was not as strong as the winners.She some times tends to push her forehand too much forward Very well presented but could have done with more coat ,which BTW is of good quality.She moved wel







East of Eng Ch Show 2004

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