Ella and Satchmo share their album as they share many other things in life. They do like each other even though Ella finds it important to tell her brother who is boss at times. We sure very pleased with these too. They seem to share looks from their mum, Peggy  and their dad Junior.Click on the thumbnails for bigger photos. Ella is now living in Holland at Rustically, but Satchmo has now got his daughter TT as playmate and Chelsey his half sister














Family group



Satchmo is growing up and we love him to bits, he is a big softy but that's ok. Won a nice Post Graduate class at Border Union. He has sired the lovely pups out of our Fling. TT and Diva are doing well here in the UK and we hope George and Lilly will do the same in Germany

Bordr Union Judge Mrs J Farmer
PGD (7) 1 Kabel's Llovall Aint Misbehavin, typical of the breed, lovely overall shape & balance, good head & expression, neat ears, well laid shoulders, correct topline, moved & showed well, good coat


We are so pleased with Satchmo first ofspring having only been used on a very few bitches . At stud only for selected bitches he sure has sired some nice stock, including a CC and Res CC winner . We are looking forward to see them in the ring :-). At his first show this year he won a big Post Graduate dog class and at his second show he won second  in very strong Limit Dog class. We only are able to show at a few shows and are pleased how well the Llovalls are doing .

http://www.westies-today.co.uk/more_2010.html  Click here to see some show photos


We can't help it but we are so proud of Satchmo's offspring.
His daughter Iona gained her title and his up and coming young son
Hillsted Same Again is doing well, Res CC and 3 BPIB so far . Also a granddaughter won a BPIB .
Satchmo is now not at public stud anymore, well I suppose he never really was. So far he has been very tolerant of his funny son . He is a good lad :-)

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Pedigree Of Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr
Jane Kabel
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Nederland Champion Llovall Leader Of The PackChampion Kimgarwyn AlcoKimgarwyn ApolloCh. Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (Imp)It Ch. Wikeland Connor
Ch. Ashgate Sonsie
Kimgarwyn Lucky CharmCh. Kimgarwyn Cagney
Lasara Latest Ambition
Lasara Look At MeCh. Krisma StreetwiseCh. Wesscots One Knight Stand
Krisma Keynote at Olac
CH Lasara Love Me TooLasara Lovers Leap
CH Lasara Lazy Days
Llovall Luck Be LadyCh. Krisma StreetwiseCh. Wesscots One Knight StandWesscots Knight Ayr
Wesscots Honeymoon
Krisma Keynote at OlacCh. Olac Moonpilot
Ch. Lasara Hell Of A Girl
Llovall All Of MeInnesfree's Heart On FireAm. Ch. Holyrood's Heart Throb
Innesfree's Old Flame
Llasara Lady-In-WaitingInt. Ch. Smash Happy Hitchiker
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-White
Llovall All That JazzChampion Krisma JammydodgerCh. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for KaramyndCh. Rotella The Fezzant PluckaCh. Glenoostie Magician of Rotella
Rotella Scarlet Harlot
Rotella Lovyootoo HopecharmJW Hopecharm Full of Fire
Rotella Who Lovsya Baby
Krisma Telling TalesCh. Barwest Bee-HavingCh. Krisma City Slicker
Barwest Between Friends
Krisma Sloane RangerCh. Wesscots One Knight Stand
Krisma Keynote at Olac
Llovall Lovin FeelingLlasara LaserlightLeonhard's Justin ThymeGer. Ch. Leonhard's Tomkin
Ger. Ch. Wesscots Moet D'Chandon
Llasara Lady-In-WaitingInt. Ch. Smash Happy Hitchiker
Dutch Ch Llasara Lady-In-White
Llovall All My LovinBeach Boy At O'Shelly BayShelly Bay Little Hercules
Am. Ch. Bearland Popsicle Toes
Llasara Ain't She SweetInt. Ch. Wesscots Knight F' Dancin
Llasara Livin' Doll
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