Fling won her class at the Combined Ch Show in Scotland


Fling at Driffield 2006

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Fling a few days later in Scotland where she won the Res CC from Junior

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Fling has been a delight to show. We were so delighted when she won her Res C at the WHWTC in oct '06 under Mrs M Purchon, followed by the CC under Mr T Percival at Midland Counties.The cheers of her fans were great.Thank you to all !  A big thank you of course to Dot Britten who very kindly gave her to us when we needed it most. We hope to do her proud Dot. We now break for winter ;-) but looking forward  to be back again in Spring

Fling is maturing and so far with limited showing has won 2 Res CC's in 2007 . We are very proud of her

Have a look at Fling on the pages above.


I feel it is nice to show what some of the judges had to say of her this year
The first write up was from Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews under whom she won Limit bitch (Paignton)
Limit Bitch (11,3abs)Nice class
1 Kabel's Krisma Rol The Dice For Llovall, stood away from her competitors I felt, carries her self so well, has a great temperament, lovely head and pigment, good construction, in super harsh coat, well presented, tail set erect & her whole deportment says Westie

Windsor '07 from Mrs Tracy Gaydon :
1 & res CC Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall, another lovely bitch from this kennel, easy winner for me, natural show girl, real character, in top class order & pushed CC winner all the way, just splitting hairs in the end, sure future ch


Fling had to have  an emergency operation this winter ('07) to remove a piece of carrot
We are lucky she survived as the bit was lodged at the bottom of her esophagus very close to her heart . She is now slowly growing her coat back on her chest and we look forward to showing her again this year.
Stop the presses!Fling wins the CC
at Birmingham Nat '08 under Mrs Kirsten Fox (Hillsted)





On Nov the 29 '08 th. Fling had a lovely litter of 4 pups to Satchmo
Cick on their photo for more


On Nov 30th 2010 Fling presented us with another lovely litter
 (By Satchmo again)
Click on the photo below for more.
No Mark is first born, now Louie. Barney became Toby and was head mark. Tail mark is now Lester and back mark Harry . This litter of 4 boys have given us so much pleasure and still do as Louie stayed with us after all ;-)

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree of Krisma Roll The Dice for Llovall
BreederMrs D Britten
OwnerJane Kabel
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Ch. Krisma JammydodgerCh. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for KaramyndCh. Rotella The Fezzant PluckaCh. Glenoostie Magician of RotellaCh. Cregneash Candytuft of Rotella
Glenoostie Wee Jessica
Rotella Scarlet HarlotCh. Hazlan Silver Knight of Sarmac
Hemishor Cola Starlet of Rotella
Rotella Lovyootoo HopecharmJW Hopecharm Full of FireCh. Ashgate Sinclair
Hopecharm Full of Promise
Rotella Who Lovsya BabyCh. Rotella The Fezzant Plucka
Rotella Right of Reply
Krisma Telling TalesCh. Barwest Bee-HavingCh. Krisma City SlickerWesscots Knight Challenge
Krisma Keynote at Olac
Barwest Between FriendsForeston Pimpernel
Ch. Brierlow Be Lucky At Barwest
Krisma Sloane RangerCh. Wesscots One Knight StandWesscots Knight Ayr
Wesscots Honeymoon
Krisma Keynote at OlacCh. Olac Moonpilot
Ch. Lasara Hell Of A Girl
Krisma Home AloneCh. Krisma StreetwiseCh. Wesscots One Knight StandWesscots Knight AyrInt. Ch. Wesscots Knight F' Dancin
Wesscots Liberty
Wesscots HoneymoonNat'l. Ch. Wesscots Knight 'F Lovin
Ashgate Braw Bricht Lass
Krisma Keynote at OlacCh. Olac MoonpilotOlac Moonmaverick
Olac Wintermoon
Ch. Lasara Hell Of A GirlCh. Lasara Love-All
Ch. Lasara 'L For Leather
Debeaux DecorumCh. Krisma City SlickerWesscots Knight ChallengeWesscots Knight Riot
Wesscots Last Tango
Krisma Keynote at OlacCh. Olac Moonpilot
Ch. Lasara Hell Of A Girl
Bellevue Hopefull to DebeauxCh. Mac Hars at BellevueNat'l. Ch. Ashgate Fin Me Oot
Colpatin Maggie
Bellevue Speical Edition of KnitsonCh. Ashgate Bern Era
Ashgate Sanda of Belle Vue


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